Integrated logistics services for transportation of cargo to Europe and from Europe to Russia. Land, air and sea transportation. Processing and clearance of cargo at the port, warehouse services.
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"Avantex" company specializes in the provision of integrated logistics services for transportation to Europe and from Europe to Russia, as well as shipping, handling and clearance of cargo at the port, warehouse services.

Increased attention on the carriage of goods are:

  • accordance of provided vehicles for the type of cargo indicated on capacity, temperature and its technical condition;
  • correct placement and fixing of cargo excluding its spontaneous movement inside the tent and as a consequence, damage or injury under its own weight;
  • security and minimization of the risks of damage, destruction or loss during transportation;
  • correct documentary support;
  • delivery of vehicles to the place of loading and unloading on time.


Experts of logistics company "Avantex" monitor the progress of cargo delivery in order drivers perform their duties responsible, monitor the movement of vehicles on the route of delivery, provide advice, promptly respond to the changing situation.